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ProActive Training Consultancy Services

The ProActive Training  Consultancy is headed up by Paul Smith the Director of Safety & Training at ProActive Rail Resources.

With 35 years in the railway industry, spread over a number of disciplines including Operations, Safety & Commercial and passenger and freight arenas, Paul has the skill set backed up by decades of experience at all levels of management as well as an unrivalled understanding of the rail sector to ensure the training he is delivering is of the highest standard.

Paul has vast understanding of the railway regulatory framework, including heading the team at GBRf that successfully gained a passenger licence for the operation of passenger charter trains.

We can currently provide advice, construct and deliver a number of railway related products for our customers including the following topics as an examples;-

  • Operations
  • Service Specification
  • Project Management
  • Project Implementation
  • Safety Management
  • Railway & Other Guided Systems
  • Commercial systems

For further details please contact Paul Smith on 07769 638 880


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